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Common Types of Interviews for Business Roles In Tech

You Googled interviews for the tech industry, but it only returned technical interviews. You're left in the dark wondering what kind of interviews you're getting?

Fear not, Tech Pod gotchu! You worked so hard to score an interview. Now it's the time to impress the hiring managers and the recruiters. Let's learn about the different types of interviews so that you can prepare for what's next!

Phone Screen

If you're moved forward to the interview stage, T=the first round of interview will always with a 20-30 minutes phone screen with the recruiter. The purpose of the phone screen is to make sure that you didn't lie in your resume, that you fit the qualifications the company is looking for and that you have work authorization.

In the phone screen, be prepared to give a 1-2 minutes elevator pitch about yourself, walk the recruiter through your resume and explain why you're interested in the role as well as the company.

Pro-tip: don't forget to talk about your soft skills as well (link to phone screen article)! They're looking for people that can do the job, so showcasing your soft skills is critical.

Behavioral Interview

CONGRATS! You made it to the next round!

Behavioral interviews happen usually after the phone screen. You will speak with a team member and the hiring manager. In this round of interview, they will probe deeper into your skillset and past experiences.

The working culture in the tech industry heavily emphasizes on team collaboration, solving problems and showing initiative. Being able to weave all of these soft skills in your past experiences will help make you stand out in the interview process. Be prepared with specific examples from your past experience and follow the WHALE method (link to behavioral interview article)!

Pro-tip: make sure to research about the company culture thoroughly and demonstrate that you're a good cultural fit for the team and the company.

Group/Small-Committee Interview

Group interview is not as common, but you might find them in internship interviews for big Tech companies, such as the ACE program at Microsoft. Group interviews can be intimidating but don't forget to take a deep breath. That's right, in...1...2...3 and out...1...2...3.

When you're interviewing in a group, it's important to be respectful of others' ideas. As mentioned, team collaboration is a must-have in the tech industry, so being able to demonstrate you can work well in a team is important. Try to build rapport with the interviewers, the other candidates in the room and just be yourself.

Pro-tip: be the facilitator and jot down some notes!

Now, you are ready to ace this interview!

Case Interview

Case interview usually proceeds after the behavioral interview with the hiring manager. There are 2 main types of case interviews: a take-home or on the spot. In the take-home case interview, candidates will be given a scenario with relevant information and data and are asked to solve a business problem within a given deadline. Meanwhile, for on-the-spot interview, candidates will be given a case to be completed within a given time.

Presentation and analytic skills are what the interviewers are looking for in this type of interview. Pro-tip: be prepare to analyze a large set of data and generate insights. Don't forget to polish that PowerPoint presentation!

Finished Reading?

Reflection questions:

  • What resources will you use to prepare for your upcoming interview?
  • What goals do you want to achieve in your interview?

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