Fellowship Program

Build your brand and become a
LinkedIn thought leader

As you’re scrolling through LinkedIn, you wish you can be like Maya Grossman or better yet, our Tech Pod LinkedIn queen, Sarena Tseng, but you don’t know where to start.  Your previous posts looked like this: “I’m excited to announce…” and you’re struggling to engage with top content creators.

So, why not join the Tech Pod Fellowship program?

Program Overview


Paired with a LinkedIn content creator for 6-8 weeks to build your personal brand on LinkedIn.


Attend program meetings (weekly/biweekly)

Create Content

Create content on LinkedIn (once a week minimum)


Drive the overall growth of the Tech Pod community

The Perks


Form a community of like-minded young whales


A chance to shadow Tech Pod executives

Exclusive Opportunities

Exclusive access to Tech Pod’s board and alumni network who work at Fortune 500 companies

Receive Recommendation

LOR/LinkedIn recommendation from our co-founders and program managers

Why should I join?

Good question! Let's look at some stats...
The first cohort of Fellows increased their LinkedIn followers count by 247%
A previous Fellow turned Program Manager of the Fellowship Program achieved a whopping 600% increase in growth.
Splunk, Esri
The second cohort of Fellows received offers from top-tier tech companies like Splunk and Esri.

LinkedIn Followers Growth for Top 8 Fellows

The Impact

“I've made friendships with genuine, like-minded, hardworking, and passionate people across the world, and I no longer felt alone in my journey of growth on LinkedIn. Posting content regularly has also boosted my visibility, and having a personal brand on LinkedIn has started to open up opportunities!”
Sarena Tseng was a  fellow who achieved over 600% growth on her LinkedIn profile from the fellowship program. She then became the Program Manager of that very program, helping others achieve similar growth.
Sarena Tseng
University Recruiter @ Cox Communications
“There was a point in my recruitment journey when I reached a stagnant state of discouragement, and it wasn't until I joined Tech Pod as a Fellow in their Spring '21 cohort that I was able to indulge in the necessary things that eventually got me to where I am today. I was interested in pursuing a non technical role in the tech industry, and throughout this amazing Fellowship experience, Tech Pod provided me with the necessary resources and knowledge on doing just that. I got the amazing opportunity to network with business professionals and, of course, connect with the other like minded Fellows who were traversing through similar issues in their professional career. The content creation side of the program was especially enlightening, as posting on LinkedIn was not only therapeutic, but it also helped me to understand myself better. Tech Pod’s Fellowship program was a huge stepping stone for me and definitely a nudge in the right direction, and this is just the beginning!”
Miles Chu
Marketing Intern @ Esri
“I got comfortable with writing down my thoughts which helped me to find my unique voice and be a more effective communicator. If you want to fast track your career and break into tech, you should join Tech Pod.”
Like you, Michael Morgan, now an incoming Customer Marketing Intern at Splunk, wasn’t sure how to navigate LinkedIn. Ever since he joined Tech Pod Fellowship Program, he has found himself a community of like-minded students and mentors to provide him support to advance his career in tech. Let’s hear how he has used LinkedIn more strategically as a networking and personal development tool.
Michael Morgan
Customer Marketing Intern @ Splunk
“Being part of the Tech Pod fellowship program has been amazing! I got to meet other fellows, get to know the Tech Pod team, and start creating LinkedIn content. I knew posting on LinkedIn was important, but I never knew how to start. I learned what to post during the program and had support from other fellows and the program managers! The Tech Pod community has benefited me because the events are really informational and diverse and I get to learn from professionals about their fields. Thank you to the Tech Pod team and the fellowship program managers for giving me the opportunity to be a fellow and learn the ropes of LinkedIn!”
Coming from a non-target school, Sachi Tolani, a junior at San Jose State University became a Product Marketing  Intern at Takeoff Point Sony by participating in the Fellowship Program and learning how to build her LinkedIn profile and personal brand.
Sachi Tolani
Product Marketing Intern @ Takeoff Point Sony
"Tech Pod's fellowship community is warm, hardworking, and forward thinking. During my time as a fellow, I gained hands-on experience in content creation under the guidance of Gallant and Serena. Likewise, I gained new perspectives from interacting with our cohort, who came from diverse backgrounds and majors. I would highly recommend the Tech Pod fellowship program to anyone looking to create lasting connections and impact within the LinkedIn community. You will learn a lot."
With Tech Pod's Fellowship Program, Harrison learned how to transform his LinkedIn profile and improve his content marketing skills and land his role at Paramount as a Marketing Intern.
Harrison Wu
Multicultural Marketing Intern @ Paramount

What we’re looking for

A passion for Tech Pod's mission
A passion for building a personal brand on LinkedIn
Excited to be a part of the Fellows community
Applications are currently closed. The program will resume in Fall 2021.