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"You need a technical background to work in the tech industry," a misconception that many students have. What if we tell you that you don't need to at all?

At the end of the day, tech companies are businesses. They want to build the best product and service for customers. There are many business functions within the company needed to be fulfilled - marketing, product management, designers, you name it! These peeps don't come from a software background.

"But how can I leverage my non-traditional background when job searching and interviewing?" you might ask. `Join our Tech Pod events and learn from professionals themselves!`

Making Your Tech Interview Memorable with Sergio Patterson

April 29th
5:00 PM EST

What 🐋 I get from these events?

  • Learn different non-tech roles and how to break into them
  • Network with professionals and the Tech Pod Exec Team
  • Gain tips and strategies on resumes, cover letters, and interviewing
  • Get access to other Tech Pod products & resources

Past events hosted

  • Internship/job search tips (from recruiters and program managers at Tesla, Microsoft,and LinkedIn)
  • Speaker panels from companies such as Hulu, Disney, Salesforce, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google
  • Storytelling and interview techniques from interns & full-time employees at Cisco and Apple

The Impact

Tech Pod was such a vital informational resource for me during recruiting season. You all have an amazing platform, and I know many of us interns this season could not have done it without you all.  I attended a few of the live events which provided great insight on how to break into tech and the resources needed to do so! Thanks so much :)
After attending a couple of Tech Pod's live events and learning about the resources needed to break into the business side of tech, Nina was able to secure her Sales Internship at TikTok.
Nina Simone King
Sales Intern @ TikTok
"Watching Tech Pod’s videos gave me immense clarity into the interview process at huge tech companies, and I accredit them to playing a significant role in landing my current Amazon offer."
Tiffany A, an incoming Business Analyst Intern, at Amazon has discovered Tech Pod events and utilized these to land her the internship.
Tiffany A.
Business Analyst Intern @ Amazon
"Being a part of the Tech Pod community has inspired me to persevere and has provided me with the resources to succeed! Tech Pod has been a very valuable resource in my job search and has been an asset in helping land my upcoming PM internship at Intuit!"
Nanki A., an incoming Product Manager Intern at Intuit, also made her dream come true. Previously she found the job searching process in the tech industry to be very daunting.
Nanki A.
Product Management Intern @ Intuit

Past Events

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