About Us

A pod full of like-minded young professionals, just for you!

Founded by Vicky Liu and Joseph Choi in the middle of pandemic. At Tech Pod, we believe that you don't need a STEM degree to work in the tech industry. We believe in the power of community-building, so our purpose is to impact as much students as we can to follow their dreams!

Our Mission

We are on a mission to support 1 million young professionals to land their dream roles in the tech industry.

Our Values

At Tech Pod, everyone is proactive and entrepreneurial. We believe that you take charge of your own career and our focus is to be accessible to everyone and empower others.

We Have Accomplished

and counting young professionals impacted.
readers per newsletter
young professionals mentored to build their brand on LinkedIn.
event attendees learning from Fortune 500 panelists.

Our Partnerships

The Executive Pod

Joseph Choi


Vicky Liu


Janette Kim

Chief Of Staff

Pavan Jariwala

Product Marketing Lead

Zayn Patel

Social Media Strategist

Ysra Khayat

Social Media Lead

Claire Hseih

TikTok Lead

Ingrid Reyes

Video Production

Jacqueline Mastrelli

Newsletter Lead

Laura Pei


Annie Trieu

Website Copywriter

Jae Wu Chun

Web Development Intern