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"Tech Pod's fellowship community is warm, hardworking, and forward thinking. During my time as a fellow, I gained hands-on experience in content creation under the guidance of Gallant and Serena. Likewise, I gained new perspectives from interacting with our cohort, who came from diverse backgrounds and majors. I would highly recommend the Tech Pod fellowship program to anyone looking to create lasting connections and impact within the LinkedIn community. You will learn a lot."

With Tech Pod's Fellowship Program, Harrison learned how to transform his LinkedIn profile and improve his content marketing skills and land his role at Paramount as a Marketing Intern.
Harrison Wu
Multicultural Marketing Intern @ Paramount

“Being part of the Tech Pod fellowship program has been amazing! I got to meet other fellows, get to know the Tech Pod team, and start creating LinkedIn content. I knew posting on LinkedIn was important, but I never knew how to start. I learned what to post during the program and had support from other fellows and the program managers! The Tech Pod community has benefited me because the events are really informational and diverse and I get to learn from professionals about their fields. Thank you to the Tech Pod team and the fellowship program managers for giving me the opportunity to be a fellow and learn the ropes of LinkedIn!”

Coming from a non-target school, Sachi Tolani, a junior at San Jose State University became a Product Marketing Intern at Nintendo by participating in the Fellowship Program and learning how to build her LinkedIn profile and personal brand.
Sachi Tolani
Product Marketing Intern @ Takeoff Point Sony

“There was a point in my recruitment journey when I reached a stagnant state of discouragement, and it wasn't until I joined Tech Pod as a Fellow in their Spring '21 cohort that I was able to indulge in the necessary things that eventually got me to where I am today. I got the amazing opportunity to network with business professionals and, of course, connect with the other like minded Fellows who were traversing through similar issues in their professional career. Tech Pod’s Fellowship program was a huge stepping stone for me and definitely a nudge in the right direction, and this is just the beginning!”

Miles Chu
Marketing Intern @ Esri

“I've made friendships with genuine, like-minded, hardworking, and passionate people across the world, and I no longer felt alone in my journey of growth on LinkedIn. Posting content regularly has also boosted my visibility, and having a personal brand on LinkedIn has started to open up opportunities!”

Sarena Tseng
University Relations Recruiter @ Cox Communications

"Roger has been an events attendee at Tech Pod and attended many of our events to learn more what it was like working a tech company. Roger did not have an interview for three months and was really happy to see the normalization of rejection within the Tech Pod Community after hearing panelists speak about their internship hunting experiences. After being a subscriber in the Tech Pod Newsletter, Roger found a link to Cisco's business analyst internship and utilized the opportunity to apply and use Tech Pod's webinars to help him prepare and eventually land an internship at Cisco!"

Roger Lin
Incoming Business Analyst Intern @ Cisco

"Breaking into Tech and Product Management has been a dream of mine, and Tech Pod opened that door for me! Their webinars allowed me to interact and learn directly from those in the industry, which was very insightful. Tech Pod’s newsletters surfaced non-technical opportunities in Tech to me, which is not something a lot of newsletters offer, and it was how I got to know about my role at Splunk! I love how friendly and supportive the community at Tech Pod is, as well as its role in filling in the niche for those looking to break into the business side of Tech."

Kevin William Ko
Incoming Product Management Intern @ Splunk

“I, fortunately, discovered Tech Pod the weeks leading up to my internship interview for a business analyst position at Amazon. Watching Tech Pod’s videos gave me immense clarity into the interview process at huge tech companies, and I accredit them to playing a significant role in landing my current Amazon offer. As a STEM major who had only considered strictly technical roles before discovering Tech Pod, they provided me with the business fundamentals I was lacking, and helped me develop myself into a more well-rounded candidate.”

Tiffany Agiri
Incoming Business Analyst Intern @ Amazon

"The mentorship program taught me the ins and outs of tech and related industries; key points to focus on within a resume, interview prep, coffee-chats and networking, and, perhaps the most influential to me, self-confidence. My mentor worked with me to make a personalized plan based on my goals and experience and was fully invested in my success. I highly recommend utilizing the advice and programs offered by Tech Pod; after each interview, I was commended on the interview skills that I practiced and implemented within the mentorship program ... Not to mention, a new connection and friendship with my mentor and peers."

Amber Hillbish
Incoming Project Management Intern @ Catalent

“It has been an amazing experience to be a part of Tech pod as a mentee. During the beginning of this school year, I was extremely confused as to what I wanted to do and felt very unmotivated to look for internships. But once I joined Tech Pod, I began to feel more inspired and I actually landed my internship for this coming summer through a posting that a Tech Pod mentor made. I received a lot of advice and support through the entire process and everyone that I spoke to was always willing to help me out and answer any questions that I had. Without Tech Pod I wouldn't have been able to grow professionally or personally!"

Kristen Ma
Incoming Health Analytic Industry Consultant Intern @ IBM

Tech Pod has been a game changer for me. As a community, it offers well-needed support for students who want to advance their careers in tech. I learned how to use LinkedIn more strategically as a networking tool as well as a tool for personal development. I got comfortable with writing down my thoughts which helped me find my unique voice and be a more effective communicator. If you want to fast track your career, and break into Tech, you should join Tech Pod!

Michael Morgan
Customer Marketing Intern @ Splunk

Wanting to break into a highly competitive field like product management with a non-technical background was very intimidating to navigate. Being a part of the Tech Pod community has inspired me to persevere and has provided me with the resources to succeed! Tech Pod has been a very valuable resource in my job search and has been an asset in helping land my upcoming PM internship at Intuit!

Nanki Ahuja
Incoming Product Manager Intern @ Intuit

Tech Pod was such a vital informational resource for me during recruiting season. You all have an amazing platform, and I know many of us interns this season could not have done it without you all.  I attended a few of the live events which provided great insight on how to break into tech and the resources needed to do so! Thanks so much :)

Nina Simone King
Incoming Sales Intern @ TikTok

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